Monday, 28 May 2012

Plugin - Set Neutral KineState

I've been working in a 3D studio only for about 2 months now as a rigger. One of the things I've been told is to know how to script to improve my efficiency and to save considerable amount of time on repetitive actions.
So I started to learn how to script on Python, which is an easy-to-learn language.

Without getting in detail of my learning path of Python, I could finally build my first plugins (yaaaaaay). This plugin is used to reset the enveloppe after that you moved one of its deformers. What it really does is that it takes the global position of the deformer and applies it to the Static KineState.

Anyway, here's some pictures of it in actions for those of you who are visual. Let's take the XSI Man rigged.


It's very straight forward. The first step is to download the plugin here:

Then simply place it in the good Softimage's plugin directory.

Then restart Softimage. It should be in your MCP panel, under Transform. For your own knowledge this, folder is a Self-Installing folder. Which means that every scripts you put in this folder are going intall themselves everytime you open Softimage and uninstall themselves when you close it.


1- Select a deformer or a bone. In this case I have to take the bicep's bone.

2- Move it as you please.

3-Apply the Set Neutral KineState to any bone you need to replace it's enveloppe. The enveloppe will be placed as it should be if you just started to enveloppe your mesh.

At this state, the plugin doesn't do the whole branch yet so you have to select it yourself if it's the case. Here,  I applied it to the left arm, but not the hand, so it does this weird twist. But between you and me, it's not a big deal to select everything, it's even better if all of your deformers are in a group.

4- Enjoy the whole minute you just saved! (Btw, in this exemple, the arm is placed back but not the hand)

Don't forget to leave a comment or to share. Of course if you have any suggestion to make, I'll be please to read them.

Have a nice week!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Use dots instead of commas

Some of you may not know what the title refers to, but as a French Canadian, my keyboard is set so when I enter a value anywhere in XSI, I have to use commas instead of dots to apply it.

As I searched everywhere in XSI to know where I could change the preferences to use the dots instead, I found out it wasn't at all a matter of preferences in Softimage... but in Windows.

Here's a few steps to achieve that.

First you have to have to go in your Configuration Panel and search for "Regional and language settings".

A window should then appear.

Once there, in the Formats tab, you have to click on the button at the bottom. It should be something like "Additionnal Settings" or something like that (yes, I'm french, so is my Windows' language).

And then, you just have one thing to change and it's the Decimal Symbol. And change the " , " for a " . " and the trick is done!

Click OK everywhere, close the Control Panel and restart Softimage.

Here we are, finally with more usable values!